GLOW - Gicleé prints - 24x10, 40x16, 60x24 printed on high-quality metallic paper and 100+ year-rated archival inks. The metallic paper gives the print a near 3D quality and the vibrance in unmatched.   

GLOW - Canvas prints - 24x10, 40x16, 60x24 printed on archive quality canvas and 100+ year-rated archival inks. The print quality on these canvas prints are unlike anything you have seen, rivaled only by acrylic prints. 

The Canvas and Prints are done in my studio so that I can control the quality of the product and deliver the best that is possible. Acrylic prints are something that I can order but would need to give a quote as the prices are changing too quickly and I strive to make my work accessible. 

Any photo Any size - with exceptions depending on the orientation of the photo. 


Glow was taken during the November King Tide 2023. The light changed and this backlight 35 foot wave came to life. 

Details - GLOW 

  • Three basic sizes - others upon request
  • 50+ year-rated inks
  • museum-quality luster paper
  • Open edition 
  • Signed by artist 

Quality is everything to me and I take the time to print these myself and inspect each one before they ship.